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Technical engineer of sewage treatment


Technical engineer of sewage treatment 3000 — 5000
Department: invite to one 's side men of wisdom and valor
  • Fangshan District, Beijing|| ||
  • 3-5 years
  • Junior high school
  • Full time
  • 1
Description of position:

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the construction drawing process design of sewage treatment project;

2. Be responsible for compiling the technical scheme and bidding documents of sewage treatment project;

3. Be responsible for the technical guidance of sewage treatment project installation and commissioning stage;

4. Participate in the research and development of new process or new equipment;

5. Actively participate in technical training, consciously study and master the knowledge of technology, theory, standard, etc., and strive to improve the professional ability.



1. Major in environmental engineering, environmental science, water supply and drainage, chemical engineering;

2. Good communication skills, strong affinity and team spirit;

3. Proficient in office software such as Auto CAD and office (necessary)

4. Technical personnel who can independently complete design calculation, scheme preparation, scheme drawing, condition drawing and construction drawing of water treatment project, and have good communication and communication ability (optional)

5. Have driver's license and be able to adapt to short-term business trip (necessary)

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