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Sewage treatment product equipment
Improved a 2O + BAF sludge multiplication integrated sewage treatment equipment (pwt-n Series)
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Integrated sewage treatment equipment for villages and towns (pwt-a Series)
The core technology of PWT, a new water treatment technology combining a / O + MBR membrane process, is to realize the complete separation of HRT and SRT in MBR membrane bioreactor, which can intercept and retain activated sludge and macromolecular organics, save secondary sedimentation tank in traditional process, improve treatment efficiency and ensure effluent quality.
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Integrated sewage treatment equipment for villages and towns (pwt-r Series)
Pwt-r series is the upgrade and expansion of pwt-a series, which has the following characteristics: Structure Optimization - one round tank replaces square box, with better structural strength, lower material and manufacturing costs, process optimization - Optimization of process equipment configuration, such as combiner, aeration system, automatic control instrument, etc., to ensure the function is not reduced, and make the process equipment reach the extreme. The energy consumption reduction anoxic tank uses the surplus head kinetic energy of nitrification liquid reflux pump and inlet pump for mixing, reduces the kinetic energy consumption of mechanical mixing and equipment maintenance, and has better water distribution effect.
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"Water Magic Cube" wetland ecological purification tank (wet Series)
Good water quality: strong shock resistance, stable effluent. Highly integrated: composite tank design, good hydraulic flow state, no clogging. Easy to operate: less power equipment, simple operation and maintenance free. Good economy: low energy consumption, local treatment and local discharge.
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Mobile devices
It is suitable for small and medium-sized emergency domestic sewage and similar industrial organic wastewater treatment
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