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Solid waste treatment products and equipment
Vertical aerobic fermentation equipment
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Perishable waste treatment equipment
The composting process is sealed in the fermentation bin, oxygen is provided by forced ventilation, and the materials are fed in and out intermittently in a step-by-step manner. Under the action of high-efficiency bacteria, the organic matter is rapidly degraded, and a large amount of heat is released. The continuous high temperature and water evaporation are maintained. The auxiliary heat system is also equipped to ensure the fermentation temperature and temperature, so as to realize the harmless and reduction of materials.
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Low temperature pyrolysis equipment for domestic waste
After simple sorting, the non pyrolytic substances (such as glass and ceramics) in domestic waste are removed Stone, metal, etc.) will be sent to the pyrolysis furnace for pyrolysis. The temperature in the pyrolysis furnace is always controlled at about 250 ℃, so as to realize the efficient and rapid pyrolysis of domestic waste and inhibit the generation of harmful gases.
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Kitchen waste treatment equipment
Realize the reduction, harmlessness and resource utilization of kitchen waste in situ treatment
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